The Prairie Oysters0001.JPG
Tony Bonnici (Vocals, Bass)
Dave Miles (Vocals, Guitars)
Mick Evans (Drums)
Ed Bates (Pedal Steel Guitar)

The Prairie Oysters have always stumped the Australian country music scene.  It’s really hard to pin a label on them as they skirt the edges of the commercial and alternative country circles; And they wouldn’t want it any other way.


“We don’t like to be labeled or pigeon-holed” says front-man and bassist, Tony Bonnici. “We like the freedom to tell our stories by writing songs and creating music that works at the time".

The Prairie Oysters have performed and entertained Australian audiences since 2005 and are described by many as Australia’s favorite “good-time band”. The boys have racked up thousands of miles playing to audiences around the country from remote communities to capital cities and at major events including the Tamworth Country Music Festival, and Deni Ute Muster.


The band have gained respect and critical acclaim for their original material and live shows with awards for Best Group and Best Album in the 2011 Victorian National Country Music Awards as well as winning the $10,000 prize in the same year at the People’s Choice Prize at the Australian Independent Artist Development Awards in Sydney. 


The band’s loyal fan base is as diverse as their music. Audiences of all ages are treated to a repertoire of a variety of genres that fall under the country music category. The band’s musical influences are as diverse as their audiences; from Hank Williams to Steve Earle. Their repertoire of original material consists of songs written about life through the lens of musicians who have driven on a road well-traveled.

The Prairie Oysters have performed all over Australia; through festivals, pubs and clubs to remote communties as far flung as the Cocos Islands.

“When it comes to country music, The Prairie Oysters are the real deal. 

There’s no winning formula to the band’s successes. They play what feels right and it works”.

– Strat Pavlis  Former 3RRR Breakfast Show presenter.